The Top 10 Hottest Parenting Debates

There’s a reason why there are so many parenting books out there – no one agrees on the best way to raise children. There are some universal beliefs, such as parents should do what’s best for their children, but even those can be open to personal interpretation. And those interpretations can cause some pretty heated arguments between parents. There has even been a term coined just for these hot parenting debates: mommy wars.

Mommy wars tend to revolve around topics that challenge traditional or socially acceptable parenting practices, such as using spanking for discipline or letting babies cry themselves to sleep. These topics can generally be grouped into two opposing sides: “crunchy” and “silky.” Crunchy moms are usually progressive and more natural focused. Silky moms usually follow traditional or modern Western parenting methods. Those in between, taking and leaving ideas from each camp, are considered “scrunchy.”

Unfortunately, these strong convictions have led to division, contention, and animosity between parents of differing beliefs and to confusion for new parents who don’t know which advice to follow. What are these beliefs that have caused such a big rift in the parenting community? We’ve gathered the top 10 hottest parenting debates so you can check out each side for yourself and use the information to decide what you think is right for your family.

  1. Should You Go Back To Work Or Stay At Home After Having A Baby?

  2. Is TV Terrible For Toddlers?

  3. Is It Okay To Spank Your Child? 

  4. Should I Let My Baby Cry It Out?

  5. Only Child vs. Siblings

  6. To Co-Sleep or Not?

  7. Is Preschool Really Necessary for Toddlers?

  8. Should I Vaccinate My Baby?

  9. Should I Breastfeed or Formula Feed?

  10. Should I Circumcise My Son?